Fresh Air for the Holidays

  My very first job was at a rectory. I went to Catholic school, and in my Parish, several students were hired to work occasional odd jobs throughout the week. The tasks were minuscule; answering phone calls, jotting down messages for the priests and deacons, and making sure the holiday gift donations were organized properly. I […]

Star Spangled in Spring Lake

Ah, the Garden State.  The home of Newark International Airport and the birthplace of the wildly popular MTV series Jersey Shore. As a typical southeastern Pennsylvanian, New Jersey is somewhere I’ve spent a decent amount of time. My mom’s office is there, I have family there, and I sometimes get my gas there (it’s cheaper). […]

Romping around Beantown

In Mid-July, I had the pleasure of taking a weekend trip to Boston for one of my friend’s Bachelorette parties, and I was beyond impressed with everything Beantown had to offer. The last time I was there, I’m pretty sure I was 14, and most of my memories involved being allowed to drive the “Duck […]