Part 3: Smitten in Santorini

Helllloooo, world! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. We’ve been a bit busy the past few days, so I’m excited to sit down, snuggle up in my favorite fleece blanket, and finish my Smitten in Santorini segment! One thing I would highly recommend doing in Santorini is the “hike” from Oia to […]

Amoudi Bay

Part 2: Smitten in Santorini

Part 2 of Smitten in Santorini picks up right where we left off…at Katina’s in Amoudi Bay. After our seafood lunch, the air seemed still and oppressively hot, despite being seated near the water. We were exhausted after an afternoon of swimming and sunshine, and even though we are essentially incapable of taking naps, we […]

Part 1: Smitten in Santorini

Exactly one year ago, we started the second leg of our Honeymoon, and arrived in Santorini at sundown. A typical travel day, it was filled with trains, planes (Paris to Athens, Athens to Santorini), and automobiles, and we were looking forward to the “relaxation” chapter of our vacation. As I nibbled the last bits of […]