Amid the Antiques

Recently featured by Visit Bucks County!  It’s no secret that Bucks County, Pennsylvania is home to a considerable amount of history. In the early years, it was founded by William Penn, our main water source was traversed by George Washington, and more recently, we’ve seen Bucks displayed on the big screen thanks to directors such as M. […]

A Sunday Stroll Amongst the Shrubs

Growing up, I loved peering through my Dad’s binoculars. He had an expensive pair that he kept in a black, cushioned case in the corner of his closet, and I was often inclined to borrow them…whether I had his permission or not. Sometimes at night, I’d snag the binoculars so I could test my espionage […]

Happy in Havre de Grace

This morning, over coffee and my staple avocado toast, my husband and I decided to take a quick day trip to reconnect and go on a “day date.” We were feeling cooped up, and wanted to get out to enjoy a carefree, relaxing day somewhere nearby. I pulled up my Google maps, and considered driving […]